21 Restaurant: our story

We have strived to create a “traditional” Hungarian restaurant that we have been missing since the World War, but in an original new way passing over the typical Hungarian restaurant clichés in the cuisine and in the design.

This is a Hungarian restaurant as the Hungarians like it, and we hope this will make it even more appealing for you, dear visitor! With love! Please enjoy yourselves and feel free to relax, eat a little more, talk a little louder and try a few more wines than usually…
21 Restaurant: our story


Hungarian cuisine as it used to be in the “good old days”, updated to the 21st century: While maintaining the original real taste in a concentrated way, our dishes are lighter than the old fashioned Hungarian cuisine. In order to do this we use the very best available ingredients, go very early to the market and use new techniques and technologies.


Based on our Hungarian concept we only carry Hungarian wines and only those with a distinctive character. This means our wines clearly differ from those of other wine regions in the world. We thus feature several limited titles often not found anywhere else.

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